Like ok I’m about to get so much hate for this I know it but I need to say this. Okay tumblr dot com one issue I have here is this obsession with misogyny and gender/ sexual minority rights. Yes I fully support these two causes and believe in equality for all but the complete lack of diversity in the dialogue of this website is astounding. Never do I see outrage over wealth disparity, sweatshop labor, totalitarian governments, or even the fucking Syrian Civil War (mind you there are mass gassings of civilians occurring in the streets of Syria yet you are more concerned with a girl not being allowed to show her bra???) This complete disconnection from issues that should hold precedence is baffling. For people who claim to be socially progressive individuals its rather fucking embarrassing to see you all fret over goldfish in a sea of great white sharks.

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    Yeah… I kind of understand where this is coming from. I used to think like that. I’m kind of hoping to dissuade this...
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    I know what you mean, though I don’t think you take into account who the majority of bloggers on tumblr actually are....
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    These kind of posts make me cry happy tears c;
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    not trying to hate or anything because yes, the civil war in syria and sweatshop labor etc. are awful things and there...
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    You’ve also have got to remeber that most of us are teenagers who’s biggest concern is passing their classes at the...
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